The Fit Scoop

FroPro-The Fit Scoop is the only 99% sugar free, high protein, natural ice cream in the world.

Most ice cream is crammed with refined sugar and fat, so at FroPro we set out to give you a truly healthy option in the freezer aisle and make your life a whole lot tastier in the process.

We all try our best to eat clean blah blah blah…. but we’re human so we make mistakes so seriously go grab some FroPro and pick a different food to make mistakes with, we got ice cream covered for you.

Hell, eat a whole pint, eat ice cream every day ‘til you get brain freeze;

Each delicious serving is low GI and packs a high quality protein hit with virtually no sugar from as little as 71 calories.

Join the ice cream revolution and change the way we look at food, it’s time to stop cheating yourself and start treating yourself… better.

High Protein Low Fat Sugar Free


Our 99% sugar free, high protein take on the traditional favourite comes in at a staggeringly low 81 cals per serve. Delicious dark chocolate taste and creamy consistency made possible with our highest quality whey protien isolate and a hint of coconut cream.

10.6g Protein

Green Tea & Mint


This flavour explodes with freshness from 100% pure peppermint oil. Made with Matcha Green Tea which is an amazing, trending health food boasting 137 x the antioxidants of green tea, promoting fat metabolism and all round health. At 71 cals per serve, this is sensational by itself or scooped with chocolate!

10.1g Protein


This decadent tasting match-made-in-heaven flavour combination is a surprisingly low 87 cals per serve. We use whole nut butter made especially for us from Australia’s famous Kingaroy peanuts days before production to marry perfectly with the chocolate.

11.1g Protein

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