Pet Warning
As dog owners, we know that foods like chocolate, garlic, onions, and grapes pose a risk to our gorgeous fur children and these are all foods that are harmless to most people. Our delicious ice cream is great for us humans but not for our doggo mates. Our fantastic natural sweetener, Xylitol which is found naturally in strawberries, cauliflower and pumpkin isn’t safe for pets. If you think your pet may have consumed any of the above foods or some FroPro, please contact your veterinarian. We use Greencross vets which are available around Australia, and AEC for any emergencies (outside of ours). Contact details are below: Normal Hours: Green Cross Vets After Hours: AEC Vets

FroPro x Mind Muscle Project

FroPro featured on Mind Muscle Project Podcast. Read, and watch the video below!

Watch the video here

“Earlier in the show, I mentioned Fro Pro. We’ve actually had a new experience with them. They’re the high-protein alternative to your favourite snacks. The new snack that they have is the southern-style fried chicken breast fillet, as well as the pops and the tenders. You know, these are like tenderloins, popcorn chicken, and regular chicken.

I’ll tell you what. Obviously, fried chicken, like the kind you get at KFC, is pretty unhealthy. It leaves you feeling pretty groggy afterwards due to all the oils and fats. However, they’ve obviously redone the coating. There’s great Australian chicken on the inside, 100% breast fillet. But the coating is different, and the coating obviously makes all the difference.
And honestly, I think it tastes better and ranks higher in terms of quality. It’s a much better, much healthier alternative. And it tastes unreal, like I actually am gonna go buy more. It’s not greasy, still crunchy, and probably even better in the air fryer.

I’m trying to gain weight, so I’m in a standard calorie surplus, and I am finding that my hunger is the massive limiting factor right now. This FroPro snack is a great way to add extra protein. Some of the ingredients they’ve got include the egg white whey protein concentrate or wheat protein concentrate, offering you different alternatives to boost your protein intake. It helps bring down fats and carbohydrates while increasing protein levels in your diet.”