Pet Warning
As dog owners, we know that foods like chocolate, garlic, onions, and grapes pose a risk to our gorgeous fur children and these are all foods that are harmless to most people. Our delicious ice cream is great for us humans but not for our doggo mates. Our fantastic natural sweetener, Xylitol which is found naturally in strawberries, cauliflower and pumpkin isn’t safe for pets. If you think your pet may have consumed any of the above foods or some FroPro, please contact your veterinarian. We use Greencross vets which are available around Australia, and AEC for any emergencies (outside of ours). Contact details are below: Normal Hours: Green Cross Vets After Hours: AEC Vets

Ice Cream Update

It’s time to say goodbye

Currently in stock, please check your closest Woolworths for Singles & Keto Scoop!

When we launched our ice creams in 2012 we were driven by the desire to make healthy treating easier and more accessible for all Australians (we still are and it drives everything we do today!) Over the years, we never imagined that our ice-creams would become such an important part of the lives of so many.

To all of you who wanted to enjoy a delicious, healthy treat when snuggled up, bingeing Netflix or soaking up the sun next to the pool, we thank you for your constant support.

This decision has been a tough one, but unfortunately one we can no longer avoid. As of the end of August, we will be saying goodbye to a special part of our family and will no longer be making our ice cream range.

We want to let you know before they are gone so that you can also say your goodbyes and enjoy them for another few weeks.

Our journey with ice creams has been a wild ride, and we wouldn’t change a thing. We are so proud of how far our guilt-free, no added sugar, no-nasties ice creams have come. Stocked nationally at Woolies and a stint at Coles, our ice creams have ranged from Dairy to Plant-Based, and came in all shapes and sizes – no matter your craving, you were covered.

Once we leave the category we want to make sure our loyal customers still have a healthy treat to turn to. We also felt this was a great opportunity to celebrate and support another amazing Aussie brand. We want to introduce and officially pass the icecream batton to Denada. Their low carb, low lactose, gluten-free ice creams have up to 90% less sugar than regular ice cream and up to 70% less sugar than a tub of natural yoghurt – and taste incredible!

We are leaving ice cream but we are definitely not leaving the mission, more healthy comfort food is coming! Join us as our family grows. We are excited to continue to bring you healthy, indulgent, and convenient products. Our delicious Protein Pizzas, Protein Burritos and Protein Pockets are sticking around and will continue to empower you to Treat Yourself Better. Oh… and get excited, we’ve got HEAPS of things on the way. We’re pumped to share them with you – stay tuned.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions; we will be happy to discuss our decisions further. We appreciate your understanding.⁠

Thank you to our amazing FroPro community for all your ongoing support. Treat Yourself Better!⁠

Frequently Asked Questions

We've made this tough choice to focus on other exciting ventures within our brand. Though our ice creams have been beloved for years, sometimes difficult decisions must be made to continue growing and innovating.
Our Singles and Keto Tubs will be available until sold out, we estimate they will be out of stock by the end of August/ start of September. We recommend enjoying them while they last.
All of our ice cream products are being discontinued.
Yes, up until September you will still be able to find our ice creams at Woolies. Some flavours will sell out quicker than others.
While we are saying goodbye to our ice creams, our family of products are still growing. You can continue to enjoy our Protein Pizzas, Protein Burritos, Protein Pockets and new exciting products coming out over the next 3 months.. Stay tuned.
Currently, we're focusing on our existing range, like Protein Pizzas, Protein Burritos, Protein Pockets and a number of new products coming out of the next few months. FroPro recommends Denada for a tremendous Australian ice cream brand, you're welcome ;)

We cherish our ice cream journey and the memories created. Never say never, but as of now, we have yet to make plans to reintroduce them.
We truly value your feedback. Please contact us directly to discuss any concerns or share your thoughts at
Absolutely! Head into your local Woolworths and stock up :)
While we believe our FroPro ice creams hold a special place in the market, we recommend Denada for a tremendous Australian ice cream brand, you're welcome ;)