OTT Indulgent: FroPro Plant Based Classic Vanilla

August 4th, 2020 Blog No Comments »

The bestttt healthy ice cream @froproicecream transformed into an even more decadent dessert

I used:

2 x vanilla @froproicecream singles (which are plant based and so delicious)

50-75g of sugar free white chocolate 

1 tbsp of pink pitaya powder (optinal)

A small handful of pistachio kernels 


Melt your chocolate of choice, dividing it in half into two bowls and adding the pink pitaya to one of the halves (optional). 

Simply unwrap both @froproicecream sticks and drizzle the chocolate over them, I did the plain white chocolate first then went back over with the pink chocolate.

Place some pistachio kernels on while chocolate is still melted, it will set quickly on the cold ice cream. Now… enjoy!

Thank you @eatingforfuel

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