School Range

1 in 7

School aged children dont get enough protein in their daily diets.

Kids deserve better too!

Protein is an important macronutrient that’s vital for child growth and development, yet research shows that one in seven school-aged children do not meet their daily protein intake goals. The good news is that with Fro Pro’s new school range of ice creams there’s now a fun, effective and delicious way to ensure our kids are getting the protein they need for healthy development. Same great 4 heath star formulation, just packed smaller for smaller bodies.

Treat yourself better!

4 Health Star Rating

Making it one of the healthiest frozen dessert option.

No Added Sugar! Ever

Just great tasting icecream!

Packed with Protein

For Nutritional Benefit

Treat Yourself Better!

Is your School Canteen ranging Australia’s #1 wellness ice cream brand?

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